Saturday, 25 April 2009

Susan Boyle

This is the result of those who worked really really hard to 

accomplish something special.

Susan Boyle, a 1 hit superstar! 

Watch From Youtube- HERE

This scene as I know had brought many tears to those who know 
the "Pain" and "successful feelings" to those who tried with
their heart!

This also awakened most of us that is still "save-able" what matter most in our life.
-Its not materialistic
-Its not how fake u r
-Its what the real deal is, be who u really are, let people accept the 
real "YOU".
-No one/nothing is perfect in this world, its just the point of our 

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Scene Of Malaysia Air Yeezy Launch at Sole What?

Too bad I did not take any pics of that day by myself, so I just took few pics from others and publish it here to let ppl know how was it.

*Credit to Sole What? & Streething*

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Official Launch day of the Nike Air Yeezy

Today Was The official launch day for the Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy at Sole What? (Main Store)

Over hundreds of people appeared and plenty of medias and some local celebrities as well...

It was like Nike all over...@_@ ppl everywhere wearing their own NIKE to show off most off them that is, there is still some that wore slippers and others... 

Oh ya... when everyone was so anxiously awaiting for the launch of the Nike Air Yeezy, my manager was already wearing it... how cool is that?! Although two other local celeb was wearing IT to make an appearance and 1 of them is like "fashionably late", my manager was the 1st to wear and appear! /GG

Actually, now only I know that sneakers and some ppl really will go crazy for them

Will update on the pics later if possible.

Fashion Week

This Is an update for the Fashion Week =D

This Is the Pic I took From The Fashion Stage at The Gardens

Look at the crowd!!! OMFG... Its like 1 of the few times that u get to see so many ppl at The Gardens, honestly @_@

Pic I took from Mid ValleY Megamall... 
Mid Valley Fashion show Stage

Monday, 13 April 2009

Nike Air Yeezy Hype!!!

Nike Air Yeezy is on the Hype now!!!

(Nike in collaboration with Kanye West)

Do you know that this shoe's bottom part actually will Glow In The Dark?
Most Places has launched this shoe on retail price on the 4th of april BUT not Malaysia, our country will be launching it on the 18th of April !!!

Those who are interested should go get ur name in the ballot system for this shoe and try ur luck in coping a pair be4 its tooooo late !

Air Yeezy Launch in Bangkok (Genesis)
Look at the QUE ... its really Omfg man!

More info at STREEThing

Sneaker Freakers that Wants to get in the Hype of this Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy?
Check out this Blog (Sole What?) as their shop will be launching as a representative at Malaysia

Friday, 3 April 2009

Charity anyone?

Kindness is everyone soul... its just whether u will fulfill it.

Sole What? A special sneaker shop is doing a charity in collecting canned food to donate to those who are in need.

Of coarse Sole What? is not just asking u to bring in canned food without any reason.
They are offering to give you 20% discount for each can of food u bring in for any item store wide.
I even heard that discounted item will be additionally discount 20% with every can food u bring in. OMG WTF man, such good deal! Especially for those who are looking for some sneakers ^.^

Its starts on 4th of april and will be goin on for a week support xP